Gaby is a Danish native who’s spent 16 years living and working in the UK as a pilot. Having spent the first ten years living out of a suitcase she decided to settle in the South of England. Six years later her feet got exceedingly itchy and she started to entertain the idea of living out of a suitcase again, this time on the road.…Full circle and all that. She enjoys new horizons, strange foods, a good conversation, “The Fox” (her bike), and the odd challenge. In selling all her belongings, giving notice on her flat and quitting her job, she hopes to venture new horizons with The Fox for a while.

The challenge has been set!

The Fox is a BMW G650GS. Before being adopted by Gaby she was testing her springs in the Welsh countryside as an off road princess with Off Road Skills. Having, no doubt, pleased and scarred a few lucky riders during her time of service, she was returned to BMW Vines in Guildford where Gaby happened upon her and as they say…the rest is history.